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Irc protocol action
Irc protocol action

Irc protocol action

Download Irc protocol action

Download Irc protocol action

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All of this came after the original RFC 1459 for the IRC protocol. .. a message should format them to indicate the user who did this is performing an "action".

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CTCP extends the original IRC protocol by allowing users to query other clients or It is also used to implement the /me command (via CTCP ACTION ). Abstract The IRC protocol was developed over the last 4 years since it was first implemented .. For further details on this type of action, see section 4.6.1 (KILL). Apr 28, 2013 - Here is the syntax for the PRIVMSG command: PRIVMSG target :Here is your message. You probably only forgot the : that is the delimiter for the

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IESG NOTE: The IRC protocol itself enables several possibilities of transferring data .. For further details on this type of action, see section 3.7.1 (KILL). 1.2.2 Because the IRC protocol is text based, you can easily look at it and see what's going on. You can do Furthermore, the IRC server will not confirm your actions. CTCP and DCC Protocol Questions Version 1.0 written by LGM Because it is sent and interpreted by your IRC client. The IRC server has nothing to ACTION -- when you type /me does this, it is actually sent as a CTCP message. However I've read something about ACTION in the IRC Protocol manual "PRIVMSG #channelname :" + Chr(1) + "ACTION " + Text1.Text + Chr(1) In addition to providing an interface for an IRC client protocol, this class also Method, action, Called when I see a user perform an ACTION on a channel.Oct 14, 2010 - There are two formal descriptions of the IRC protocol, an older one (Client-To-Client-Protocol); it's used for e.g. actions, dcc, ctcp pings, etc.

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